Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh

Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh

Basic Computer Training InstituteNowadays, learning the basics of the computer is important in this technology world, because any works can’t be done without a computer. Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh offers basic computer courses for beginners and provides the best support for non-technical persons. It helps you to be professionals in using computers. If you don’t go along with technology means, you are wasting your career growth. Several experts have shown that it is an excellent course to gain a broad knowledge of computers.

As we know, now it is a popular thing for children and youngsters, yet some people are not well trained in using computers even for performing small activities. Particularly people like homemakers, senior citizens, and those who are from a rural background, feels hard to cope-up with others in operating the system efficiently. So, our Institute decided to provide basic computer course to help those people to understand and increase their skills with computers surely.

This Basic computer classes provided by the basic computer center in Chandigarh will enhance your basic computer skills in the best way. We will train from the introduction, parts of the computer such as hardware to software, and also how to manage it completely for your daily works. In this basic computer course in Chandigarh, we will cover the fundamental skills. Also, the first skills to make you a better PC user. After completing Basic Computer Training in Chandigarh, you will be able to use any PC, Laptop, or Tablet devices without hesitation. Join now and increase your computer skills to become an expert in using computers!

About Basic Computer Course

As we know, now it is a common thing for children and youngsters, yet some people are not well trained in using computers even for doing small activities. Especially people like homemakers, senior citizens, and those who are from a rural background, feels hard to cope-up with others in operating the system effectively. So, our basic computer training institute in Chandigarh decided to offer basic computer course to assist those people to understand and build their skills with computers surely.

This Basic computer course in Chandigarh provided by our center will increase your basic computer skills in the best way. We will train from the introduction, parts of the computer such as hardware to software, and also how to use it entirely for your daily works. In this basic computer course in Chandigarh, we will cover the fundamental skills. Also, the advanced skills to make you a better PC user. After completing Basic Computer Training in Chandigarh you will be ready to use any PC, Laptop, or Tablet devices without hesitation. Join now and develop your computer skills to become a professional in using computers!

Course Content For Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh

Introduction of Computer Course in Chandigarh

  • What is Computer
  • Characteristics of Computer
  • Basic Application of Computer

Component of Computer System

  • CPU
  • VDU, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Other input/output Devices
  • Computer Memory
  • Concepts of Hardware and Software
  • Working with Multiple Worksheets

Classification of Computer

  • Representation of Data/Information
  • Concept of Data Processing
  • Definition of Data and Information
  • Basic Data
  • Storage of Data/Information as Files

Introduction to Windows

  • What is an Operating System?
  • What is Window?
  • The User Interface
  • Using Mouse And Moving Icon
  • My Computer Icon
  • The Recycle Bin
  • Status Bar, Start and Menu & Menu selection
  • Running an Application n
  • Windows Explorer Viewing of File,
  • Folders and Directories
  • Creating and Renaming files and folders
  • Opening and closing of different Windows
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Windows Setting

  • Control Panel
  • Wallpaper and Screen Savers
  • Setting the date and Sound
  • Concept of menu Using Help

Advanced Windows

  • Using the Right Button of the Mouse
  • Creating Short cuts
  • Basics of Window Setup
  • Notepad
  • Window Accessories

Element Word Processing

  • Word Processing Basic
  • Introduction
  • Opening Word Processing Package
  • The Menu Bar
  • Using the Help
  • Using the Icons below the menu bar
  • Opening Documents and Closing documents
  • Opening Documents
  • Save and Save As
  • Page Setup
  • Printing of Documents
  • Display/Hiding of Paragraph Marks

Inter Word Process

  • Moving Around in a Document
  • Scrolling the Document
  • Scrolling byline/paragraph
  • Fast Scrolling and Moving Pages
  • Using a Document/Help Wizard
  • Text Creation and Manipulation
  • Paragraph and Tab Setting
  • Text Selection
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Font and Size selection
  • Bold, Italic, and Underline
  • Alignment of Text: Center, Left, Right, and Justify

Formatting and Texting

  • Changing font, Size, and Color
  • Paragraph indenting
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • Protection
  • Use of Tab and Tab setting
  • Changing the case

Handing Multiple Document

  • Opening and Closing of Multiple documents
  • Cut, Copy and Paste across the documents
  • Saving of Clipboards

Table Manipulation

  • Moving Around in a Document
  • Concept of the table: Rows Columns and Cells
  • Draw Table
  • Changing cell Width and Height
  • Alignment of Text in Cell
  • Copying of cell
  • Delete/insertion of row and columns
  • Borders for Table


  • Print Preview
  • Print a selected page


  • The element of Electronic Spreadsheet
  • Application/Usage of Electronic Spread Sheet
  • Opening of Spread Sheet
  • The menu bar
  • Creation of cells and addressing of cells t
  • Cell inputting

Manipulation of cell

  • Enter Texts Numbers And Dates
  • Creation of tables
  • Cell Height and Widths
  • Copying of cells

Providing Formula

  • Using Basic Functions/Formalism a Cell
  • Sum function
  • Average
  • Percentage

Spread Sheet

  • Maintaining Invoices/Budgets
  • Totaling of various transaction
  • Maintaining daily and monthly sales reports
  • Computer Communication and Internet
  • Basic of Computer Network
  • LAN
  • WAN


  • Concept of Internet
  • Application of Internet

Service on the Internet

  • WWW and web-site
  • Electronic mails
  • Communication on the Internet

WWW and Web Browser

  • Web Browser Software
  • Explorer
  • Netscape Communicator

Surfing The Net

  • Giving the URL Address
  • Search
  • Moving Around in a web-site
  • Printing or saving portion of web pages
  • Downloading
  • Chatting Internet


  • Basic of Electronic Mail
  • What is an Electronic Mail
  • Email addressing
  • Mailbox: Inbox and outbox

Using Emails

  • Viewing an email
  • Sending an Email
  • Saving mails
  • Sending same mail to various users

Document Handling

  • Sending Soft Copy with attachment
  • Enclosures to email ent
  • Sending a portion of the document as an email


  • Basics
  • Difference Between Presentation and Document
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Opening a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Using the Wizard for creating a presentation

Creation of Presentation

  • Titles
  • Text Creation
  • Fonts and Sizes
  • Bullets and indenting
  • Moving to Next Slide

Preparation of Slide

  • Selection of Type of Slides
  • Importing text from word documents
  • Moving to the Next Slide
  • The Slide manager

Providing Aesthetics

  • Slide Design
  • Background and Text color
  • Making your own slide format
  • Footnotes and slide numbering
  • Slide Manipulation and Slide Show

Presentation of Slide

  • Using the Slide Show
  • Printing the Slides and Handouts
  • Slide sorter
  • Title sorter
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Benefits of Computer Courses

The benefits of taking computer courses are common and regardless of what a learner wants to do with his education, he will likely find that many advantages come with his increased knowledge. Today, computers are used in more environments and for more functions than ever before, and their use is only supposed to increase. Knowing the inner workings of a personal computer (PC) will surely save the user time, and decrease his stress when he is forced to communicate with a computer at work, or in an informal setting. Knowing the various uses of computers and how to reach them effectively is a valuable skill in today’s world.

Even if a person has no wish to examine the growing number of employment opportunities that are available to a skilled computer user, explaining the functions of a home computer can make life easier and more enjoyable. People with basic computer knowledge can store and record photographs and music, watch movies, play games, create art, interact with friends, maintain their personal finances, and perform many other essential and inessential tasks using their home computer. The list of functions of the common computer only grows with time and people without the knowledge of the various things that they can do with a computer might be surprised at how easily all of this and more can be arranged.

Expanded computer skills may help people to perform the job they already have faster and more effectively, allowing them to get advances and promotions. They may even learn how to use a computer to search for different jobs, through online job postings. They can locate ways to supplement their income by doing basic computer tasks for other people and firms. Or they can search for a way to perform some or all of the duties of their present job from their home computer, preserving them time and money involved in commuting. The possibilities are almost limitless and a person only requires to enroll in their first computer course to start learning what can be performed on a simple home PC.

One of the most obvious reasons for a person to take computer classes in Chandigarh is that learning more about using computers increases their chances of getting a better job. If a student sticks with taking computer courses for long enough, he will have the possibility to become certified to perform certain specialized roles within a business. Even completing a beginner’s computer course gives the learner better job possibilities.

Job Profile after Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh

Computer Operator

A computer operator generally works in both a server room or a data center, but in some cases, they could be asked to work remotely so that they can operate computer systems across different sites of work. Although a little experience is needed, most duties are taught on the job, especially as each system is ordinarily a little different for each business. This also means that in most matters, the job description for a Computer Operator can differ depending on the type of industry you’re working in. Depending on the business, they may also be ready to work from home.

Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operators are normally responsible for entering data into different computer databases, manage and maintain efficient record keeping. Besides, they may be liable for organizing files, collecting and managing data to be inserted into the computer.

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Office Assistant

Office assistants complete administrative and routine clerical tasks. Their responsibilities may involve organizing and maintaining files, acting as receptionists, scheduling meetings including appointments, and supporting other staff with organizational responsibilities.

For most office assistant positions a high school diploma or similar degree is usually sufficient. Some employers, however, need an associate’s degree. Office assistants require to have advanced computer skills, and they typically have strong time management and organizational abilities.

Accounting Clerk

Accounting clerks generally use spreadsheets and other applications to record and prepare financial documentation relevant to the vendor, client, and internal client accounts, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are able for generating business transaction records, such as invoices and purchase orders, and also renewing bank and credit accounting databases and spreadsheets. They may provide and process electronic invoices checks and receipts through software applications. Some accounting clerks code and means payable invoices, expense reports, and credit card reconciliations. Others manage timekeeping systems, manage paid time off tracking systems, and prepare monthly payroll reports. Accounting clerks work for all various business types, but those who are employed by larger companies often offer assistance to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

Why Choose us for Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh?

We at Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh provide training and projects on training. We make sure you gain higher programming logic and coding skills during the training program. Our basic computer training course in Chandigarh is designed as per the latest updates and industry requirements. The course program is based on an industry basis so that it will help you to take your programming skills and knowledge to next level.

  • 10+ years of experience as professionals a trainer
  • Our Basic Computer training in Chandigarh adheres to international industry standards.
  • Basic Computer from basic to advance level.
  • We facilitate students with modern I.T infrastructure and learning environment during the Basic Computer training in Chandigarh.
  • Project and Case study
  • Industry-relevant Basic Computer project works.
  • Trainers in Basic Computer training in Chandigarh combine the self-developed practice session module with the current syllabus.
  • Basic Computer training center in Chandigarh is conducted during weekdays and weekends as per participant’s needs.
  • Our expert trainers are analysts, researchers, consultants, and managers possessing a decade of experience in Basic Computer course in Chandigarh
  • No cost Basic Computer training course materials are given.
  • Job assistance for fresher students.
  • Personal level training attention and project monitoring
  • Backup classes and flexible batch timings.
  • Small training batches for interactive training.
  • To enhance the knowledge of the students, complex technical concepts are imparted through easy coaching.

Trainer’s Profile

  • Our trainers are subject specialists who have mastered Basic Computer technology.
  • Our trainers are have received excellence awards for their dedicated Basic Computer training and coaching.
  • Our professional’s trainers are researchers, consultant, and analysts working as an employee in HCL Technologies, Birla-soft, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies, so on.
  • Our trainers are single, double, and triple certified experts in the subject.
  • Our trainers have regular coordination with MNCs HR team on regular basis.

"Basic Computer Course in Chandigarh"

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