Diploma in Digital Marketing Training in Chandigarh and Mohali

Digital Marketing Training InstituteA diploma gives an in-depth education on a specific subject. Academic emphasis is placed on a more practical detainment to learning a specified field of study. After doing a needed number of courses, a diploma is a proof that an individual has done that level of education. PGD in Digital Marketing is a postgraduate level program the duration of which is 1 year. Students seeking admission to this course must hold a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline or equivalent from a recognized university.

PGD in Digital Marketing generally focuses on developing and planning a digital platform, gaining expertise in social advertising which helps in representing a firm’s motto on social media, finding the digital research tools, and enhancing customer engagement. This course is also concerned with the modernization of various marketing platforms.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

The first lesson in your professional diploma lays a solid foundation for what digital marketing and performance marketing is. You’ll learn frequently used terms in the industry, understand what objectives and KPIs are, and look at examples of performance-focused channels for different common objectives.

Tracking and Measuring Marketing Efforts

This lesson walks you through various marketing funnels and provides tools and tips to help ensure your own objectives are realistic. Before any marketing campaign or tactic can be launched, tracking needs to be in place, so you’ll get an introduction to the incredible tool that is Google Analytics as well as learn about UTMs.

Reaching the Target Market

Now that you have an understanding of digital marketing, your objectives, and the tracking that needs to be in place, Lesson 3 is focused on target markets. Who will buy your product/service? How do you conduct market analysis and what are customer journeys? These are just some of the questions answered in this lesson.

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The Importance of Mobile

Mobile and mobile marketing can’t be ignored as it takes over Desktop traffic more and more each year. In this lesson, you will look at important mobile info, the difference between “responsive” and “mobile-friendly”, tools to improve mobile speed, and recommendations for an optimized mobile site.

Free Digital Marketing Options

Not every business has a big budget to dedicate to paid marketing, increasing the need for their free marketing efforts to work as best as they can. This lesson shows you how to create various social media pages and gives a simple breakdown of SEO and how Google My Business pages assist this.

The World Of Google Ads

Google’s suite of products enables you to target your market accurately and in most cases, cost-effectively. This lesson covers Search and Display campaigns as well as policies, ad creation, bid strategies, and recommendations. This is a jam-packed lesson designed to give you the confidence to create your own campaigns.

Making Paid Social Work For You

Social media platforms dominate marketing strategies due to the sheer number of people you can reach on the multiple channels available. After this lesson, you’ll understand how people and businesses use different channels, which Facebook and Instagram campaign options might suit you best, ad types and policies across these platforms, as well as the basics of LinkedIn and Twitter.

Creating a Digital Strategy

The final lesson in this module combines the learning from the previous lessons and shows you how to create a digital strategy. While looking at B2C and B2B examples, you’ll align target markets to channels, create a content plan, discuss budgeting, and determine remarketing strategies.

How to Become a Digital Marketer?

Digital Marketing is an emerging field, which means it is still evolving. Thus, to be a successful Digital Marketer, only degrees and certifications aren’t enough. You need to have a strong passion for learning, researching, and discovering new trends in both the market and the digital domain. Here are a few simple steps to help you become a Digital Marketer:

  • First, get a Bachelor’s degree (any specialization will do, but if you are interested in Marketing, perhaps BBA will be a good choice).
  • Enroll in a Digital Marketing course/training program and get a Digital Marketing certification.
  • Attend industry networking events (conferences, seminars, webinars, etc.) to learn from Thought Leaders and to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Acquire a Digital Marketing internship.
  • Stay updated with the advancements in the field of Digital Marketing by reading journals, articles, blogs, newsletters, and books.
  • Never stop learning and practicing.
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Who must learn Digital Marketing?

Usually, anyone who is an analytical thinker and problem solver, possesses excellent communication skills, and is fascinated by the developments in the digital field, is a good candidate for a Digital Marketing career. However, Digital Marketing courses can be pursued by:

  • StudentsDigital Marketing has gained the status of a standalone subject, and hence, students from any educational background can further their career through Digital Marketing courses.
  • ProfessionalsDigital Marketing for business professionals is the means to move up the career ladder. By taking up a Digital Marketing course, professionals can upskill and get a step closer to promotion.
  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners – Every business owner has to promote their brand through various marketing strategies. Since the marketing industry has upgraded to the digital domain, business owners can profit immensely by learning Digital Marketing to drive business growth.

Apart from this, individuals who are looking for a career switch to Marketing can also upskill with Digital Marketing courses. For instance, IT professionals who wish to switch to managerial roles in Marketing can learn Digital Marketing. Not only will this revamp their resume, but it will make them more appealing to potential employers (IT plus marketing knowledge is a huge hit in today’s competitive market).

PGD in Digital Marketing: Admission Procedure
Candidates who wish to pursue PGD in Digital Marketing program will get admission either based on their performance in the entrance test conducted by the respective College or University and Personal Interview or on the base of Merit in the Bachelor’s degree examination. Admission to this program will commence in September. Students desirous of pursuing this program can apply for the same either online or offline.

To fill the application form online, candidates have to visit the College’s/ University’s official website and fill the application form correctly. After completing the registration process, the admission authorities will contact you after which you need to visit the College in person with all the documents required such as Bachelor’s degree Mark Sheet, Degree, ID proof, and photographs as part of the admission process. Candidates can also apply offline by purchasing the application form along with a brochure from the College and submit the same after filling it correctly.

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PGD in Digital Marketing: Eligibility Criteria

Students seeking admission to PGD in Digital Marketing program must hold a Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline or equivalent from a recognized university. To get admission to this program, students have to clear the cut-off marks decided by the College/ University in the entrance exam. However, some colleges also offer direct admission to this program i.e. based on Merit in the Bachelor’s degree examination.

PGD in Digital Marketing: Career Prospects

PGD in Digital Marketing course helps students to become successful Marketers in the field of Digital Media. This course is well suited to those students who want to enhance their verbal, analytical, and logical skills and for those who want to work in the Marketing firms. After completing this program, numerous opportunities exist for students such as they could become a Lecturer/ Teacher, Digital Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Content Writer, Social Media Manager, SEO Analyst, etc.

On completion of PGD in Digital Marketing, students will be able to work in the following profiles:

  • Lecturer/ Teacher- A Lecturer/ Teacher is responsible for teaching and sharing his/ her knowledge about the particular subject to students.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist- A Digital Marketing Specialist is a person who is responsible for handling all the marketing operations such as display media, social media such as for an organization.
  • Content Writer- The job of a Content Writer in Digital Marketing is to write content for social media, e-commerce websites, and many more.
  • SEO Analyst- The job of an SEO Analyst is to ensure that a firm’s online content can be easily found by the customers or potential buyers.

PGD in Digital Marketing Top Recruiters

Some of the top recruiting organizations across India with recruitments in this field are listed below:

  • Institute of Marketing Communications India
  • Ministry of Information Technology
  • Arena Solutions
  • MNCs

"Diploma in Digital Marketing Training in Chandigarh and Mohali"

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