Diploma in Web Designing course in Chandigarh and Mohali

Web Designing Training InstituteDiploma in Web Designing course in Chandigarh and Mohali is a Diploma Course that provides education about Web Designing. Web Designing is a specialized field of IT in which skills required for designing a website and related aspects are involved. Web design diploma course in Chandigarh and Mohali is designed to provide optimal information and skills for working on different software that enables the applicants to design a website. The course duration of the course varies from institute to institute. The one provided by computer institutes is of shorter duration whereas those provided by colleges and universities are of longer duration.

For example, a Diploma in web designing in Chandigarh and Mohali is of two years duration and the one provided by Perfect Computer education is of three months duration. The course involves advanced professional learning in the Website Design concept, HTML & JavaScript, Adobe Fireworks / Photoshop, Flash for Design & Web Animation, Swish, Action Script, Adobe Premiere, Dreamweaver, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Different types of Web Page Design and Assignment & Portfolio Building. The course is a quiet career-oriented course. Diploma in Web Designing holders can seek opportunities in industries like IT Companies, Advertising Agencies, Audio-Visual Media Agencies, Publishing Houses, Marketing Firms and Institutions and Design Studio, etc.

This certified diploma course in Chandigarh and Mohali is well designed by web design experts to impart complete training with the latest industry updates. The course will cover principles of website design like different types of websites, screen resolutions, typography for the web, prototype work, the color scheme for different websites, HTML & CSS coding, specialized website design tools, CMS tools like WordPress & on-page SEO techniques. The training will include application-based assignments & projects to make students work as web designers and not just web operators. Our well-trained faculties have vast experience working as web design professionals and trainers. The students are made to practice on a live web design assignment, as we have our own team of Web design experts.

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What is a Web Designing diploma?

Web design requires designers to create graphics, typography as well as images that are used only on the World Wide Web. When creating any design, web designers need to create a good design as well as a balance between the speed and efficiency of the webpage/website. Web design is a specialization of the design stream. The different areas in which a web designer can work include web graphic design, interface design, authoring, user experience design, and the likes. Most often individuals working in the web design field need to work closely with other members of their team.

Web Design generally involves the design process that is related to the front-end of a website which includes writing markup. A point to note here is that web design as a field is known to partially overlap with web engineering when the aspect of web development is considered. Web designers use many tools to perform the tasks allotted to them. Web designers have been known to use both vectors as well as raster graphics to create their design prototypes. They use HTML, CSS, WYSIWYG editing software to create design elements, mark validators, etc. Candidates who want to make a career in the field of web design can pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

Web Design diploma Eligibility Criteria

To pursue a web designing course from any design institute in India, candidates are required to fulfill certain eligibility conditions. The prerequisites vary depending upon the level of course in which you take admission. Go through the points listed below to know the detailed eligibility criteria for web designing courses in India.

  • To apply for any of the courses mentioned above, you have to complete 10 + 2 from a recognized Board of Education.
  • Admission to some of the institutes providing these programs is done based on entrance exams like NATA, UCEED, etc.
  • However, the postgraduate degree and diploma will only be available to students who have pursued their undergraduate education in the field of web designing.
  • Candidates can also apply for courses like B.Tech in Information Technology, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, BCA, B.Sc, IT, or B.Sc. Computer Science to become a Web Designer. Admissions are based on design entrance exams.

Skills Required for Web Designing diploma course

Every candidate who aspires to be a professional in web designing must possess certain skills that will help him/ her in the career path. Listed below are some important skills that anyone who wishes to do a web designing course must-have.

  • Web designers are required to have a creative vision to come up with new website ideas and digital data representation schemes.
  • Computer proficiency and a good grasp of programming languages is a must for individuals who aspire to become web designers.
  • Communication skills are also necessary to understand client requirements and communicate effectively with the rest of the team.
  • The candidate must have good analytical and problem-solving skills.
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Benefits Of Studying Web Designing Diploma Course

Web designing is an Art. It has become more popular than before. Nowadays everyone is creating their own websites for professional and personal use. Here are some reasons and benefits of how studying web designing courses can benefit your career.

Website designing is very easy to be trained. If you are keen to start your profession as a web designer you must first undergo proper training before you can master it. There are various quality training centers available in your locality. It is very easy for people who have prior design knowledge and artistic talent.

Web designing is not just creating a web page to display content and image. First, we have to inspect the requirement then we have to plan and create the perfect website with our own idea and creativity.

It’s a talent for creating presentations of content in hypertext or hypermedia that is viewable by an end-user through World-Wide-Web, by the way of web browsers like Micro logging clients, RSS readers, and Internet television clients. In the Information Technology field, there is a strong propensity line between web design and web development.

Website design is the variety of graphic designs planned for the development and styling of objects. Two major components make up a site, the pleasant design, and the font of the page. Responsive design plays a major role in it as it has a good concept of designing a website for all users like mobile and web.

Diploma in Web Design Course Suitability

  • The course is especially meant for students looking for a career in the field of computers.
  • Students with a creative bent of mind and passion for films & animation are the most suited for this course.
  • Applicants, who love designing and graphics on the computer, can try their hands at the course.
  • They should be hard workers, have a teamwork spirit, and ability to work for long hours in standing positions.
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How is Diploma in Web Designing Course Beneficial?

  • The Diploma provides candidates with a better understanding of the web and the art of designing a website. More and more services are being provided on the web viz. net banking, online shopping, business development, client support, and various other activities.
  • The diploma lays the foundation for new web designers to become full-fledged web design professionals.
  • Students can pursue further higher studies in related areas like web development, web administration, programming, etc.

Diploma in Web Designing Employment Areas

  • Website Designing Companies
  • Software Development Companies
  • Web Consultancies
  • Stock Photography Companies
  • Web Marketing Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Website Optimization Companies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Web Domain & Hosting Service Providers
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • Website Development Firms
  • Professional Websites
  • Web Advertising Agencies


  • These days, we just can’t live without the internet! We use the internet to access different websites. We access websites for entertainment, social networking, online shopping, education, and much more!
  • See, websites are here to stay! Businesses – small, medium, and big – are investing in websites to develop a strong online presence.
  • This has resulted in several jobs and projects for web designers and developers. In short, there are ample job opportunities available out there. You need to have talent and creativity to make it big in this field.
  • By being a web designer or developer, you may opt to work for an MNC type setup or become a freelancer. Web designing offers excellent self-employment opportunities.

Job Scope after Pursuing Web Design diploma Courses

The best part about the web designing profile is that you can opt to work in either of the IT and non-IT firms. Websites are something that will always be of the utmost importance for firms that depend on digital visibility. Therefore, web designers are needed in almost every organization, government, and private included.

If you have pursued a course in web designing, you can also work as a freelance designer. Apart from that, there are several other job opportunities available for web designing aspirants. Some of the good profiles that web designers can apply for are:

  • Web Application Developer
  • Frontend Web Developer
  • Backend Web Developer
  • Design and Layout Analyst
  • Web Marketing Analyst
  • Senior Web Analyst

"Diploma in Web Designing course in Chandigarh and Mohali"

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