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PGDCA Distance Education

PGDCA Distance Education in Chandigarh- Basic knowledge of computers and related applications has become a necessity in this tech-savvy world. All those who have a boundary over others in this field of work land up very good jobs and opportunities because of the ever-growing demand. Post Graduate Diploma in computer application (PGDCA) offers the very required skill in computer management. It provides fundamental knowledge of computers that gives students a basic idea, as well as a bit, extended details about the field.

Teaching about the Operating system and programming principles is the primary motive of this postgraduate diploma course. PGDCA Distance Education in Chandigarh offers all the basics and advanced techniques of computer application in which they are embedded in the course syllabus. Features and management of files and data are also included. Students can achieve a specialization in computer science through this diploma course. In-depth knowledge of programming languages is given to students who opt for this course.

PGDCA Distance Education in Chandigarh is where Students are made aware of the basic IT industry dynamics and related knowledge is imparted. To do so efficiently, we suggest effective ways and methods let students achieve the best results. All this is done without obstructing their regular schedule. They can access the course benefits with satisfaction and adjust it to their best timings.

Proper help is provided by our expert faculty to make students capable of understanding the course content and underlying principles. Easy scheduling of course and exams is an exact feature of this postgraduate course offered by our college. The curriculum is designed in a very suitable way by experts to make sure the best knowledge is forwarded to students.

Students obtaining a diploma in computer application can move forward with advanced studies or jobs. Software product and service companies provide high-level jobs to these students. PGDCA correspondence Education in Chandigarh. There are a lot of opportunities out there for students who know about computers at its core. Banks also recruit such students. Students can take up a job as a software engineer, programmer, network designer, troubleshooter, software developer, internet expert, system analyst, etc. The IT industry has a lot to offer to students with a diploma in computers.

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What is the Distance Learning PGDCA Course?

PGDCA Distance Education (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) diploma in Chandigarh, has been planned for meeting the demand of the enhancing needs of experts in the fields of computers, internet, operating systems, office automation, programming languages, tally, hardware maintenance, web design, Corel-DRAW, RDBMS, OOPS, C++, Systems Analysis, etc.

Our PGDCA Distance Education program in Chandigarh aims at inculcating the essential skills required for the corporate world through interactive learning processes. This course program also helps the students in improving technical skills, delivering presentations, and PD programs. Our program improves the analytical and communication skills of students along with inculcating the advantages of self-study.

PGDCA Distance Education Course in Chandigarh through correspondence mode gives information about high-end computer subjects which includes software & hardware content. It raises the students to be professional Job ready to face the corporate world. After finishing the Diploma Students can join as a Programmer, System Analysts, or Technical Facilitators in the Industry and work in the teaching position in college or University. Students are also acceptable to work for the profile of Hardware Engineers & System managers in the IT Sector.

PGDCA Course Eligibility

Applicants who apply for the PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) course require graduation or a post-graduation with a minimum of 10+2+4 years of education with Mathematics or Computer Science as one of the main subjects. Candidates who are pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in their final year are also qualified to apply for the course.

Importance of PGDCA (Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications)

Any Graduate( from any stream) can pursue this course. Many Universities are offering admission in this course by an entrance exam. Some universities also offer admission in this course based on the percentage of graduation.

PGDCA correspondence learning is designed for graduate students who are interested in computer applications. This course has been made for students who want to learn computer applications in different fields like banking, insurance, and accounting. This program allows students to pursue professional knowledge in computer applications.

In India, PGDCA correspondence learning is a one-year long program that a student can take after graduation. This program provides a specialization in computer science with technical, professional, and communications skills. It also trains students to become future IT professionals.

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This program will give the applicants a sound understanding of basic computer applications in business covering key programming languages, database management, systems analysis, computer software development in specific applications such as studies, financial management, and long range planning.

Career prospects

After the successful completion of this program, one can work as:

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Programmer & Analyst
  • Interface Engineer
  • Java Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • IT Consultant
  • Insurance Firms
  • Health Industry
  • Entertainment sector
  • Electronic Industry
  • Research Firms
  • Educational Organizations
  • Banking Industry
  • Application Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Database Manager
  • Data Entry Worker
  • Game Developer
  • IT Support Technician
  • IT Manager
  • Network Analyst
  • QA Tester
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software marketer
  • Software Trainer
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Computer Operator
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Manager

Course Preparation Pointers for PGDCA

  • Managing time effectively and providing adequate care to difficult segments
  • Preparing the fundamentals and revising daily.
  • Arranging a specific timetable and working on it regularly
  • Managing your time efficiently provides individual attention to difficult parts such as DBMS.

PGDCA Course Subjects

Subjects covered in the curriculum of the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) course are listed below. Some variations are seen in the course subjects in specific colleges or institutions.

  • Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • Programming in C and C++
  • JAVA
  • Visual Basic
  • Database Management System [DBMS]
  • Software Engineering and Business Process
  • Web Programming
  • Oracle
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • PPM & OB
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Introduction to Internet Technologies
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Practices and Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour


PGDCA is a course with a multitude of uses because it offers plenty of scope with fabulous jobs within and outside the country. This program will give you a sound understanding of basic computer applications in business covering key programming languages, database management, systems analysis, computer software development in specific applications such as studies, financial management, and long-range planning. Such knowledge will help applicants to find employment in public and private sectors, insurance, banking, accounting, e-commerce, marketing, and lots more.

Post completing this course, you may make one of your choices of interest from multiple roles in many companies. You may also become a software engineer, computer operator, application specialist, mobile developer, system administrator, system analyst, support engineer, database administrator, network engineer, and much more.

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The average salary offered to the professionals completing this course likely ranges between Rs 2 to 10 Lakh annually, which increases with experience and expertise. Several multinational organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), National HCL, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Instruments, Vodafone, Cypress Semiconductor, VSNL, Hutchison, Accenture, Analog Devices India, In-silica Semiconductors, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Cisco Systems, ASUS, Boeing BEL, Alcatel, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Unisys, Tata Elxsi, Qualcomm, Sasken Communications, BSNL, Airtel, etc. hire such professionals.

Another benefit of the PGDCA correspondence education course is that you may also get direct admission to the second year of the MSc (IT) or Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course in case you complete PGDCA from a recognized institution/university. You can also go for the MCA course after completing PGDCA.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) Course Objective

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application is a diploma level computer science program.
  • Correspondence PGDCA is a one-year post-graduate diploma in the field of computer science. The course is usually divided into two semesters, each of six months duration.
  • Any Graduate can do this course.
  • The correspondence PGDCA would help students to obtain both scientific and computer knowledge that covers the basics of computer science. Students get equipped with ICT Tools, C Programming, packages like Tally, Oracle – VB, Web Designing, Computer Organization, and Architecture, using C++, Soft Skills Development, Management Process, and OB, Database Management Systems, Data Structure using Java, and the Project.
  • Correspondence PGDCA is indeed a smarter choice for you if you are a graduate and want to pursue a professional course that saves your time and money.

Jobs for PGDCA Course

Some of the jobs description for applicants pursuing PGDCA Course are –

  • IT Support Analyst provides technical set-up, advice, and help users via email, phone, social media, and in person.
  • IT Consultant provides technical support in building and executing IT systems for internal and external clients.
  • Software Developer designs software solutions by creating programs, websites applications, etc
  • PHP Developer helps in developing web-related tools as a part of a team within a company.
  • Android Software Developer They make users aware of the procedure and functioning of an application.

Job Opportunities for PGDCA Private and Government Sectors

  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Computer Support Service Specialist
  • Computer Presentation Specialist
  • Commercial And Industrial Designers
  • Database Administrators, etc
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Administrators

"Distance PGDCA Education in Chandigarh"

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