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Photoshop Training InstituteAre you looking for a professional photoshop course nearby? Are you searching for an in-depth photoshop course? Do you want first-class skills in Photoshop projects by taking photoshop training courses? Do you plan to stand out as a photographer, web designer, graphic designer, digital art design, and more? Do not stress out; Photoshop Training in Chandigarh is the right training center that offers excellent photoshop courses.

Photoshop is one of the most widely used image editing tools used by designers all around the world. At Photoshop Training in Chandigarh, we help you to learn Photoshop to meet the complex design needs of several projects. Over the years, we have been included in training young individuals to unravel the complexity of Photoshop as it is the most connected and effective way.

Our Photoshop Training Institute in Chandigarh helps individuals fastly understand tools and features, making them work efficiently & creatively. Being the most sought-after avenue for Photoshop training in Chandigarh, We are specialized classes for every schedule and budget, led by our expert instructors who help them quickly and achievable achieve professional results with the given project work.

Our regularly scheduled, public Photoshop Classes involve precursive through advanced training. We also offer live classes led by an instructor in the same classroom with learners.

With our Photoshop Training Institute in Chandigarh, one can seek to achieve refined outcomes in terms of better creativity and upgraded productivity at work. One can get to understand the Photoshop basics, important tools and resources, advanced image styling techniques, and many more. This helps people to create realistic, high-quality images more efficiently. Explore many ways to improve your selections, edit more accurately, and boost images while keeping them looking natural through professional Photoshop retouching techniques.

Photoshop Training Center in Chandigarh aims to teach basic, intermediate & advanced levels of training to students in a supportive environment. This course is instructor-led and surrounds working on practical, hands-on examples and exercises. Directed by highly experienced trainers with several years of expertise, our hands-on courses mean that you will leave with lots of practical experience as well as useful tips and tricks.

Over the years, Photoshop Training Institute in Chandigarh has helped hundreds of learners learn most effectively to meet the industry challenges. Our students can choose to learn the software skills in the most supportive environment that also helps them to prepare them for today’s competitive industrial scenario.

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is software that is utilized for image editing and graphic design. PhotoShop enables the user to create professional designs for company needs. In other words, the strategic marketing proposal to create valuable and eye-catching designs to attract the targeted audience by creating software is called PhotoShop.

Photoshop is the trending and highly demanding topic in the image editing industry, firms are spending a high amount on creating different and attractive designs. It is the best skill in which a learner can earn up to lakh. As we all know “Photoshop has its own separate in the directing industry”. Even a school student can make money from PhotoShop if he knows image editing.

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It is an art of communication with the targeted audience without the intention of selling a product, Photoshop Training in Chandigarh offers the best Photoshop training with a job oriented approach, Our expert trainer will impart the correct information to the beginners on how to build an engaging design to promote a brand.

Get enrolled for a Photoshop training course and learn the skill to manage the targeted audience with the help of our professional expert trainer.

While you are passionate about taking Photoshop courses in Chandigarh, you must choose the right training center for the best results because the kind of training you received will decide your understanding of the program, skills you can acquire, and your output.

Unfortunately, some Photoshop enthusiasts are puzzled why their works do not come out like the ones created by seasoned expert digital artists despite using the same tools and techniques. The secret is the solid foundation of being rooted in the basics of Photoshop editing.

Course Content or Curriculum of Photoshop Training in Chandigarh


  • About Photoshop
  • Navigating Photoshop
  • Menus and panels
  • Opening new files
  • Opening existing files


  • Exploring the Toolbox
  • The New CS4 Applications and the Options Bar
  • Exploring Panels & Menus
  • Creating & Viewing a New Document
  • Customizing the Interface
  • Setting Preferences
  • The New Auto-Blend & Auto-Align Layers Commands


  • Zooming & Panning an Image
  • Working with Multiple Images, Rulers, Guides & Grids
  • Undoing Steps with History
  • Adjusting Color with the New Adjustments Panel


  • Understanding Pixels & Resolution
  • The Image Size Command
  • Interpolation Options
  • Resizing for Print & Web
  • Cropping & Straightening an Image
  • Adjusting Canvas Size & Canvas Rotation
  • The New 3D Commands


  • Selecting with the Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • Using the Magic Wand & Free Transform Tool
  • Selecting with the Regular & Polygonal Lasso Tools
  • Combining Selections
  • Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Using the Quick Selection Tool & Refine Edge
  • Modifying Selections


  • Using the Brush Tool
  • Working with Colors & Swatches
  • Creating & Using Gradients
  • Creating & Working with Brushes
  • Using the Pencil & Eraser Tools
  • Painting with Selections


  • The Red Eye Tool
  • The Clone Stamp Tool
  • The Patch Tool & the Healing Brush Tool
  • The Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • The Color Replacement Tool
  • The Toning & Focus Tools
  • Painting with History


  • Understanding the Background Layer
  • Creating, Selecting, Linking & Deleting Layers
  • Locking & Merging Layers
  • Copying Layers, Using Perspective & Layer Styles
  • Filling & Grouping Layers
  • Introduction to Blending Modes
  • Blending Modes, Opacity & Fill
  • Creating & Modifying Text


  • Color Spaces & Color Modes
  • The Variations Command
  • The Auto Commands Brush Tool
  • Adjusting Levels
  • Adjust Curves, Non-Destructively with Adjustment Layers


  • Quick Mask Options
  • Painting a Selection
  • Saving & Removing a Selection from the Background


  • Understanding Paths & the Pen Tool
  • Creating Straight & Curved Paths
  • Creating Combo Paths
  • Creating a Clipping Path
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  • Getting Started with Photoshop Filters
  • Smart Filters
  • Creating Text Effects
  • Applying Gradients to Text


  • Saving with Different File Formats
  • Saving with Different File Formats
  • Printing Options
  • Credits

Career Benefits of Photoshop Course

  • The Photoshop program is master software that can transmute an ordinary image into an attractive masterpiece. By knowing all its features you can find several career opportunities in various fields, from photography to graphic designing. Most of the applications related to photo editing, design, and printing utilize Photoshop tools for their projects.
  • By learning advanced skills & techniques of Photoshop you can get good jobs in reputed organizations with industry-standard salaries and benefits. Also, many other experts like web designers, Video editors, Digital marketers, etc. can learn from this Photoshop certification training and it will be an added benefit to their career.
  • We already discussed various platforms where Photoshop is used and with this Photoshop course, you can learn all the characteristics of Photoshop and will be able to perform well in your specialized area.

Careers That Use Photoshop


Photoshop has greatly enlarged the innovative range of expert photographers, whether they are taking pictures at weddings or stalking wildlife to capture that perfect shot. Photoshop can help photographers correct for the bad lighting, remove shadows, boost color, and crop the shot to focus on one element of the photo.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers design visual products for print and digital in a lot of fields, from newspapers to public relations. They may design books, magazines, flyers, or posters. The use of Photoshop boosts the options a designer has to use photographs in their work and make them more eye-catching. Graphic designers can use Photoshop’s layers function to add or subtract attributes from a photo. Photoshop also enables designers to incorporate text into the photo.

A graphic designer may be assigned to design an organization logo and incorporate it into a photograph using Photoshop or a photo might not be the right dimensions to fit available space in a publication. The designer can copy some of the backgrounds from the photo and add it to the additional space to make the photo big enough.

Web Design

While graphic designers’ work may be online, web designers create or design the website that this work appears on. Because Photoshop can do much more than handle photos; this program can make web design easier. Web designers can use Photoshop’s graticule to lay out the basics of a page and use the preset document parameters to streamline the process of designing pages.


Designers use Photoshop to design ad campaigns that help brand a product. Photoshop can help create a cohesive campaign that sells a product on various platforms, using its tools to build logos and icons that might appear in print ads in magazines, product packaging,d pop-up ads on websites.

Photoshop enables advertising designers to push their innovation to new heights. In one ad built with Photoshop, an Adidas athletic shoe dropped from the sky on a bolt of lightning, with colors and images fulminating from the shoe.

Video Editing

Photoshop doesn’t just apply to still photos or designs. This program can also be used to edit videos, from trimming clips to adding transitions like fade-ins & fade-outs. Video editors, who vary from helping produce advertisements to online how-to tutorials, can also add up music and text to the videos.

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With all the jobs that use Photoshop, students and prospective employees are required to learn the nuts and bolts of how to use the program from the professionals. Some might teach a particular class in Photoshop at the high school or college level or photography classes that involve Photoshop as part of the wider course. Others might teach Photoshop as part of a continuing education either in a classroom or online.

100% Job Assistance after Photoshop Training in Chandigarh

Once you finish Photoshop Training in Chandigarh, we offer 100% job assistance to every student. Once we are notified by our clients we will schedule the interview process, This will increase the chance of you landing a job after your course completion. We tied up with MNC and IT Firms. We already placed 1500+ students in reputed companies.

Why join us for Photoshop Training in Chandigarh?

Photoshop Training in Chandigarh offers the best PhotoShop training where the students can avail the benefit from this course. Photoshop Training Institute in Chandigarh provides In-depth knowledge of Photoshop courses. Apart from teaching, we offer “practical exposure” to become competent & proficient in PhotoShop.

Our team of experts consists of an experienced and professional trainer who clarifies the critical and complicated aspects effectively. After completing this course module, you can design your portfolio and the good news is that you will be trained for interviews from day one because our institute provides an English environment which helps you to get hired by the well-reputed companies at a decent salary package

  • Our trainers have a lot of experience of working in the industry. This broad experience helps us make skilled professionals.
  • We offer training on live projects that help you to learn industry skills.
  • We provide training certificates as a leading IT company in Chandigarh.
  • We provide 100% job placement assurance.
  • We provide theoretical & practical knowledge through our expert professionals.
  • We provide the best theoretical and practical study materials that help students learn industry skills.
  • Photoshop training in Chandigarh is scheduled on weekdays & weekends. Also, students can choose a customized schedule according to the requirements.
  • Our team of trainers is industry-professional possessing more than a decade of experience in training.
  • Mentors coaching Photoshop training center in Chandigarh not only help students in fulfilling live projects but also provide sessions on interview preparation along with placement assistance.
  • Ultra-modern I.T laboratory equipped with the latest infrastructure.
  • Students, according to their convenience, can use the lab for completing projects and practicing technical assignments.
  • Our training classrooms are furnished with modern I.T infrastructures such as projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi, and digital pads.
  • We facilitate our learners with a glass-door study room and discussion zone area to boost their learning and inspecting abilities.
  • Along with technical training and courses, we organize no cost sessions on personality development, spoken English, group discussion, mock interview, and presentation skills to develop a high level of confidence in students.
  • We also manage no cost personality development and presentation seminars.
  • Our Photoshop course material involves books, and soft copies of tutorials in the form of PDFs, sample papers, technical and HR interview questions, and projects available on our website.
  • Our certificates are globally recognized after completion of the course.


"Photoshop Training in Chandigarh"

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