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Welcome to the world of Distance Education. Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali is one of the most suitable means of continuing education with your jobs. Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali makes you complete your education along with your jobs. Correspondence PGDCA Education in Mohali gets you the same value, status, and recognition as a regular college degree. All our courses are UGC authorized and can be offered for Government and MNC jobs, educational loans for further studies. In India, where people and their favorite institutions are separated by long distances, often blocking the mainstream type of education, the distance education mode will show to be useful in every situation. The enormous change at which science and technology are progressing makes it required for people to boost their knowledge and skills to keep improving in their fields of work. The significance of distance education is a source of opportunity for people who wish to learn more but do not have the convenience for it.

In Distance PGDCA Learning or Distance PGDCA Education, the teacher and learner are separated geographically and by time. Correspondence courses have evolved into Distance education, with the accession of additional characteristics. On the other hand, open learning refers to an arrangement in which candidates adopt the style of self-instruction, completing courses arranged around specially prepared learning materials, supported by contact classes and examinations. Open learning implies a philosophy of open entry and access to learning options. It does not require incorporating technological advances.

Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali makes use of new technological devices. There may be slightly differing views on this explanation. Open universities have made remarkable progress in recent years thanks to the great demand for facilities varying from those provided by conventional colleges. The flexibility and creativeness of the Open Learning System are particularly suited to the diverse requirements of the citizens of the country, including those who have joined the vocational stream. Its ideas and innovations and the application of technologies in providing convenient and cost-effective programs of education are now broadly recognized and appreciated. It has created, developed, and delivered high-quality academic courses.

The learning packages assembled by the Open Universities and distance education hub have been well received by the students, the professionals, and the public. The demand for the growth of higher education will continue to climb. The number of persons, including working people, who are wishing to develop their personalities, is increasing. Open Universities and distance education centers are strategically placed to respond to this demand efficiently.

What is PGDCA?

Distance PGDCA Education is the most obtained diploma course in computer application amongst experts, shooting entrepreneurs, corporate candidates, teachers & students as well. With the freedom of saving time, cherry-picking a place of study, and above all a fortunate option to implement theory along with practicality, PGDCA provides a podium of significant opportunities in large corporations which is pretty much the ideal future for any aspirant.

Generally, PGDCA or Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application is a two-semester course or one year course which provides all the computer skills proficiency to students along with some knowledge on e-commerce and the internet. There is also an opportunity available which you should know for your benefit i.e., PGDCA distance learning course. For those working experts or prospective students who don’t go for regular PGDCA, you can simply opt the PGDCA distance learning course where you will be enabled to get a degree without attending regular classes of PGDCA. This Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali program will provide you with various career opportunities so that you can make up your personality as a professional who is eligible to get a space in the IT sector.

Eligibility & Duration of Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali

Aspirants who apply for the PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) course require graduation or a post-graduation with a minimum of 10+2+4 years of education with Mathematics or Computer Science as one of the main subjects. Aspirants who are chasing their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in their final year are also qualified to apply for the PGDCA course.

  • The duration of the distance PGDCA education course will vary from university to university.
  • This course is for one year or two years as per university criteria. Every semester of this distance PGDCA learning course covers various topics related to computers and its applications.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) Course Objectives

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application is a diploma level computer science program.
  • Duration of Distance PGDCA is a 1-year post-graduate diploma in the field of computer science. The course is generally divided into two semesters, each of six months duration.
  • Any Graduate can pursue the course.
  • The Distance PGDCA would help candidates to attain both scientific and computer knowledge that covers the basics of computer science. Candidates get provided with ICT Tools, C Programming, packages like Tally, Oracle – VB, Web Designing, Computer Organization, and Architecture, using C++, Soft Skills Development, Management Process, and OB, Database Management Systems, Data Structure using Java, & the Project.
  • Distance PGDCA is in fact a smarter choice for you if you are a graduate and want to pursue a specialist course that saves your time and money.

Job Profiles Available After Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali

Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali is a one-year complete course for specialization in the Office automation process, packaged with complete knowledge for the present Job needs. As the requirements of the companies keep on changing according to technologies we assure that the course is continuously upgraded to keep the phase of the need of the industry this one year course comes with the 100% JOB Assurance guarantee.

Computer Applications Postgraduate Diploma is a computer science course at the Diploma level. Computer Application defines an application or “app” as computer software designed to assist the user in performing specific tasks. Diploma in Computer Application in all institutions is not equal but different from place to place. It is also not the same minimum time to finish the course. So, candidates’ duration depends on the institute they are going to have a diploma course in. The course curriculum is two semesters. Students can go for a higher degree course in respective subjects such as Master’s Degree etc. There are numerous career opportunities in this field. Professionals in this career can also go for teaching jobs in universities and colleges. Students from this field can seek employment in public and private sectors, banking, insurance, accounting, stock markets, e-commerce, and marketing. They can also become a computer operator in any organization.

  • Database Manager: Aspirant has to create, and manage a range of databases for the company or the client to the client.
  • Network Analyst: Aspirant is responsible for installing, creating a layout, and management of all network components established within an organization.
  • Game Developer: Aspirant is offered an opportunity to develop a video game and create video game consoles for organizations or client to client.
  • Application Developer: Aspirant will be responsible for creating, testing, and programming application software for the organization or client to client.
  • QA tester: Aspirant will be involved in testing, tuning, debugging, and analyzing the quality of the finished game. They are essential to suggest purification in finished games.
  • Software Trainers: Aspirants will be qualified to teach aspirants coding language, desktop programs and assess training needs as well.
  • Database Administrator: Aspirants with good problem-solving skills and communication skills will be responsible for the performance and security of the database of the organization or client to client.
  • Computer Operator: Aspirant will be responsible for executing extensive computer tasks and operations for the organization or the client to the client.
  • Software Developer: Aspirant will have to stay involved in the entire software development cycle which includes researching, programming, designing, and testing.
  • Network Administrator: Aspirant will be responsible for maintaining the internal as well as an external network of the organization.

Why us for Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali?

At the time of opting for an institution for study, it is compulsory to check its past performances and current facilities provided to students. Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali has always chosen the best distance learning institute for our students. Correspondence PGDCA Education in Mohali provides classes as per the requirement of the student. The lectures are held regularly, in the evening, and at weekends. There are many distance learning programs which are essential laboratory practical, we offer lab tools and equipment to take practical training. We are a management college that supports their candidates to find jobs after completing their courses. There are thousands of students who have already completed distance learning courses from our Mohali campus, so they are always excited to support our current students to find the best job.

  • In 10 years span, Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali has grown up to achieve perfection in the quality delivery of distance learning programs and regular courses.
  • Apart from offering quality education, we are also focused on extracurricular programs held at the institute campus or elsewhere to gain the interactive and other skills of our candidates. These are the reasons to become the best distance learning institute in Mohali.
  • You will be taught by industry polished and skillful guides who will grow and develop your comprehension of the subject whilst allowing you to include pragmatic abilities that might be connected in the ongoing scene.
  • Your method of study might be as a professional dealing with a constant situation, completely involved.
  • We also provide soft & hard copies of study material.
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