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TOEFL Coaching Classes in Mohali is an intensive training program created to help you attain your highest score. Our experienced and professional tutors, timely and amazing techniques, and world-class material make sure that you not only get ready for the test but also achieve mastery of the English language. A good TOEFL score can become your proof that you have the reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills that universities are searching for and show that you can positively collaborate these skills to share your ideas in and out of the classroom.

TOEFL Institute of Mohali tests the competitors on four levels: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The scores are given according to the middle of the road to progress. Inspect module is used to find the capacity of a possibility to comprehend and translate content in the English language, something which is fundamental for survival in an English-speaking nation. The module has 3-5 far-reaching parts, which the competitors are needed to inspect out loud and after that answer, the inquiries depend on the study.

The listening module is used to decide the understanding power of competitors since the medium in English institutes and academies is English. The test comprises entries that are played so anyone might listen and competitors should answer the inquiries based on the period hearing the sections. In the speaking section, as a matter of first importance, a meeting is prepared where competitors have gotten some information about specific problems and afterward, they are given a part that replaces the need to study and clarify.

Composing bents in English dialect is another important necessity since the examinations and assignments in colleges and other scholastic institutions are to be given in English. In this section, applicants are requested to first look after two entries and compose how the two are buried and in various areas, they are needed to compose an exposition on one of the sections given to them.

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If you are required to study at an English speaking university or program, no other test can get you to as many opportunities around the world as the TOEFL test.


TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign Language, and it is the most known and respected English language test that can help you apply for almost any country. Universities, workplaces, and immigration departments all over the world use TOEFL to learn the English comprehension of candidates. TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 10,000 universities and other institutions in over 150 countries, consisting of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and all other countries of Europe and Asia. It is the only test that imitates university classroom and campus life and was created with the help of leading universities.

The TOEFL test measures all four language skills that are importantly responsible for communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It reflects how language is used with integrated tasks that collaborate more than one skill, just as in the real academic stage. The unified questionnaires ask the test takers to:

  • Read, listen, and then speak to respond to a question.
  • Listen and then speak to respond to a question.
  • Read, listen, and then write to respond to a question.

Typically, students must score a minimum of 80 out of a maximum of 120 to display average English proficiency. The better the marks, the better the future of your application package.

TOEFL Eligibility

To apply for the exam, ETS did not mention any mandatory eligibility criteria for TOEFL. Before registering, candidates must go through proper guidelines as given on the official website. ETS did not give any age limit for the applicant. As per educational eligibility, candidates must clear out a higher school degree.

The total TOEFL test score is between 0–120 but its minimum acceptable score differs from institution to institution. Students can give the test any number of times they want; results are available for two years after the test date.

Test Pattern

TOEFL is a test of four skills in the English language. these are Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. However, each part may need the candidate to use more than one of the above four skills.

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Reading Section

  • The Reading section contains a 3-5 reading passage having 12-14 questions each.
  • The candidate has 60-80 minutes to answer these questions.
  • Various question-types consist of vocabulary based, sentence simplification, factual information, negative facts, prose summary, insert text, inference, and rhetorical purpose.

Listening Section

In the TOEFL Listening part, test takers have to hear each audio clip with complete focus as the audio will be played only once. Questions set from the listening part can vary according to its length. This section calculates the listening skills of the test takers. In TOEFL, this section calculates how well test-takers understand the different emphasis of English. Besides, it also calculates how well a test taker hears every single section with apt focus.

  • In this section, test takers have to complete 34-51 questions within a time limit of 60-90 minutes
  • There will be 6 lectures and 2-3 conversations as hearing audio clips.
  • Each lecture audio will play for 3-5 minutes and each conversation audio will play for 3 minutes.
  • 6 questions will come from each lecture audio clip.
  • 5 questions will come from each conversation audio clip.
  • While playing audio clips, speakers of audio will display on the screen.
  • A test taker can find a specific word written on-screen chosen from an audio clip.
  • Test takers can also listen to the different pronunciation of English in audio clips.
  • The listening score will be measured as a total of raw points later it will be marked on a scale of 0-30.

Speaking Section

  • The speaking module consists of 2 independent and four integrated tasks.
  • The duration of this module is 20 minutes.
  • There are three parts to the speaking section:
  • The first section expects the candidate to give his opinion about a close topic. The candidate has 15 seconds to get ready and 45 seconds to answer.
  • The second section contains two questions, where the candidate is given 30 seconds to get ready and 60 seconds to answer. There are two passages followed by a conversation in both the questions. The first question and talk are to rely on some aspects of campus life, whereas, the second question and conversation are about an academic topic.
  • In this section, the candidate is expected to answer questions to an audiovisual to rely on an academic talk. The test taker has20 seconds to get ready and 60 seconds to answer.
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Writing Section

TOEFL Writing calculates mostly the writing skills of test-takers. This module is crucial for a test taker as one has to be logical and rational arguments properly through writing skills. The examiner measures how well one writes to show an opinion about a topic.

  • Test takers have given 50 minutes to write an essay.
  • Task 1 is a unified essay whereas Task 2 is a free essay.
  • For Task 1, the test taker has 20 minutes for Task 2, a total time of 30 minutes is given.
  • Test takers will be calculated out on a scale of 0-5 for each essay.
  • After two essay scores, the number will be changed to a scale of 30.
  • In TOEFL, if a test taker achieved a score above 25 is considered a good score.

WHY Join our institute of TOEFL coaching in Mohali?

  • We provide a balanced test readiness for various qualification and capability tests, for example, TOEFL, PTE, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and SAT.
  • 8-12 full-length mock tests.
  • Customized essay grading and exam guidance.
  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions.
  • Unlimited access to the library.
  • Course validity of 3 months.
  • Common mock tests to give understudies a feeling of what’s in store alongside traps and tips to help students deal with their test time properly.
  • Activity arranged work society which supports advancement in showing procedures and put at work understudies with exhaustive learning and practice.
  • Proficient and experienced teachers with years of experience and information available to them.
  • Little batch sizes to accord singular consideration regarding each student.
  • Unique spotlight on the frail ranges of students.
  • Weekend batches for working experts.
  • Flexible class timings.
  • Amazing student’s achievement rate which is unbeatable in North India.

"TOEFL Coaching Classes in Mohali"

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